Do you want to create a unique experience?

We are done for this year but come 2021 we will present an exciting and program to celebrate Danish beer and the brewing community in Denmark. And you can be part of it!

Overal, CPHBW can be divided into three pillars:

  • The 'open' program
  • Our own 'Beer Market'
  • Events for the beer industry


How about hosting a ‘Meet-the Brewer Night’ at your bar? Or why not invite guests inside your restaurant for a special food and beer pairing? You could also teach the most relaxing yoga beer class or give an inspiriring lecture on the history of brewing

There is room for all of the above – and so much more. As an organizer, there is (almost) no limit to how you can contribute to the program - as long as Danish beer is in focus.

Copenhagen Beer Week wishes to focus on the relationship between food and beer. In spite of the fact that we have seen a gastronomic revolution in Denmark, beer has yet to be introduced properly to the dining table - and something needs to be done about it.

Moreover, we find that it is about time to shed light on how beer has contributed to the social, cultural and economic development of Danish society – and continues to do so. Thus, Copenhagen Beer Week is also reaching out to historians, researchers and all kinds of nerds who are happy to contribute – and bring the beer into museums, galleries, laboratories and other interesting institutions. 


Here, a large number of breweries from all over Denmark will present and sell their tasty products to curious and thirsty guests.
You can also look forward to a diverse selection of tasty food as well as an entertaining stage program with room for music, talks, debates and much more…


Professional players within the beer scene have the opportunity to invite their peers to network meetings, showcases, seminars, courses, lectures – or just a drink.

If you want to contribute to our program for the industry, please contact Christian Thomsen