That’s it for now folks – Copenhagen Beer Week 2020 is over.

After nine days with more than 60 exciting, fun, quirky and educational events the very first Copenhagen Beer Week has now ended. It has been a blast! We would like to thank our partners, all the breweries and the many restaurants and bars for holding on in a difficult time. A huge thank you to all our guests and the great support we have experienced all around.

We are now looking forward to another edition of CPHBW in 2021, where we can hopefully arrange the festival in the form it is intended.

CPHBW is a brand new and unique initiative supported by nearly 40 breweries, several bars and beer brands from all over Denmark, who for this occasion will come together and put Danish beer craft, gastronomy and brewing culture in the spotlight.

It is the first time, that this many beer brands have united their forces to create an event, displaying the diversity of the Danish beer scene today. Over the course of the past 20 years, we have seen an exponential development on the Danish beer market – it is a market that has expanded from less than 20 breweries in 2000 to over 200 in 2019. In 2019 alone almost 2000 new beers was launched.


Thanks to the cool breweries, bars and beer brands below Copenhagen Beer Week is now a reality: