If you want to be part of this years edition of Copenhagen Beer Week, you can register an event in the open program May 5th - 13th. 

The festival consists of three tracks, which can give inspiration to your event.

Beer and the city
Copenhagen Beer Week is for everyone, who wants to explore new tastes and learn more about Danish craft beers. No matter if you consider yourself a connoisseur or recently interested in the universe of beer - we are sure, that we have something to offer you.

We invite you to dive into a versatile program of sensual, fun, quirky, educational and culinary events in Copenhagen, when we will be making the whole city foam with beer. 

Beer and food
Copenhagen Beer Week has a special focus on the interaction between beer and food.
How do taste evolve, when we pair craft beer with the meal on our plates? Which flavors seem to be complimenting each other - and why? 

We wish to change the perception of beer and make more people (re)discover beer as the perfect companion to food and gastronomy. 

Beer and culture
Copenhagen Beer Week is a platform for knowledge and a wide range of relevant debates, tastings, challenges and future possibilities. Therefore we seek to create a space, where brewers, researchers and professionals contribute with wisdom, learning and curiosity. Because beer is not just beer...

As an organizer during Copenhagen Beer Week you have the opportunity of adding to the program. We especially applaud when more players find ways to work together in new collaborations and we are happy to mediate contact and find great matches.

If you need sparring regarding an idea or an event, we are alway available for this purpose. Write to us at kontakt@cphbw.dk

Submit an event

Copenhagen Beer Week is celebrating the beer industry across the country and we encourage brewers, breweries, restaurants and bars to submit events and the be part of the program.

The deadline for registration is March 20.

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