Guidelines for submitting an event to our program

Following guidelines applies for al actors and organizers who contribute with events and content to our program.

Copenhagen Beer Week reserves the right to edit in all event descriptions to ensure a consistent expression and communication on our festivalchannels. 

The organizer decides whether the event should be free or if participation requires the purchase of a ticket. If tickets are sold, the following applies:

  • All tickets must be sold through Copenhagen Beer Week's ticket platform, 
    The registration is simple and we guide you through the process. Your price is shown including the ticket fee on the website.
  • You cover the costs of the event yourself, but you keep the corresponding income from ticket sales, which is transferred directly to your account no later than five working days after the event - remember to enter your information at
  • An additional ticket fee will be added, which is shared equally between the ticket platform, and Copenhagen Beer Week. The additional fee is set at 10 DKK for tickets below 150 DKK and 20 DKK for tickets over 150 DKK.
  • Everyone can contribute with one- or more events, however Copenhagen Beer Week reserves the right to edit all event descriptions to ensure a consistent expression and communication in the program and on the festivalchannels. Therefore, remember to register your event before the program and ticket sales are announced.
  • You submit events via a web template at the bottom of the page. Here you add basic information and a foto that can be shown in the program, as well as headline and description of your event. Please make sure that Copenhagen Beer Week has the right to use the photo in context of promoting your event and Copenhagen Beer Week as well.
  • If it becomes necessary to cancel an event, the organizer is responsible for informing Copenhagen Beer Week and the guests in a timely manner. will refund the full amount to the guest, and the organizer is responsible for refunding the fee.
  • Copenhagen Beer Week takes no responsibility regarding the organizer's suspension of payments, bankruptcy or any complaints from the ticket buyer in terms of the quality of the event or other matters concerning the event.

Event photo rights

Registration takes place via web template. In the template, you fill in practical info and text for the program as well as a picture for the website and social media. Remember to make sure that you have the rights to use the image.

If you have any questions about the above, or anything else, please feel free to contact us at

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